Cryogenic Auto Treatment

Automotive Cryogenic Treatment - Your partner in Performance and Results..

..The Cryocycle Advantage

Rising from the experimentation and on and off relationships between the performance automotive industry and early cryogenic techniques, the Cryocycle Thermal Cycling performance advantage stands head and shoulders above the rest. 

Test after test has proven that the advantages to automotive parts and components are greatly improved with the application of the patented Thermal Cycling process.  Brakes perform better and last substantially longer, engine components experience life and wear increases of three to four times depending on the application.  Better yet the Cryocycle Thermal Cycling advantage is not limited to performance racing. The cost effective treatment is equally at home extending the life and enhancing safety of brakes and engine components on Taxi's and Freight Vehicles as it is winning races.  Recent tests and trials in the field have proven increases of four to five times the brake life for garbage trucks.

Some of the other automotive advantages include:

    Cryocycle Brakes ... the secret of increased performance and safety

Race Teams the world over are users of Cryocycle

Brake Rotors remain serviceable 2-3 times longer with less wear.
Better Brake Pad wear with improved braking efficiency.
Dramatic reduction in warping, cracking and heat checking.
Improved heat dissipation and significant decrease in vibration

 Improvement in heat dissipation and minimisation of micro cracking can easily double the performance life of Cryocycle treated brakes and pads



 Cryocycle Engine Treatment ... more horsepower with less wear

Increased Abrasive resistance toughness and tensile strength teamed with increased dimensional stability means increased engine performance and life.  The addition of higher horsepower performance, less breakage, relief of internal stress, relieving and reduction of vibration and additional harmonic advantages.

  Thermal Cycled Go Karts ... the winners choice

Cryocycle’s unique and patented system of cryogenic thermal cycling provides dramatic improvements in tempering of aluminium and aluminium alloys, especially the components used in Go Kart’s and Go Kart engines. 
This unique ‘thermal cycled’ stress relief increases the wear and performance of aluminium components with improved load bearing capacity, making them stronger and last longer.

In Go Karts this means longer wear and higher  performance - including increases in measured dyno power and improved wear and braking  providing longer service life and faster more precise results.

Expected results from treating various automotive components

Part to be Treated Expected Results
Gearboxes Increased Tensile Strength and dimensional stability without increased hardness is the key to extended life and performance.
Springs The strength increase and stress reduction in the metallurgical horror story of spring production by thermal cycling technology means less flattening by retention of the outward spring pressure delivering much longer and increased performance.
Axles Cryocycle treated axle components demonstrate the benefits of increased strength delivering longer life and reduced breakage over the entire range of applications.

Camshafts & Lifters Thermal Cycling treatment increases the wear properties and strength of cams and shows less wear on solid lifters and substantially less breakage of roller lifters.
Engine Blocks Treatment gives better ring sealing, raises torque and increases engine life by strengthening the entire component and reducing wear on bores.
Crankshafts Once treated crankshafts show much less wear and continual racing testing returns far fewer breakages.
Pistons Thermal Cycled treated pistons , rings and pins resist detonation longer and distort less.
Con Rods Treatment provides a marked increases in component life and unit toughness