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The benefits of Cryocycle treatment of instruments and sharps

Medical Procedure Using Cryocycle TechnologiesThe Cryocycle process is extremely successful in extending the life and maintaining the serviceability of medical instruments and consumables.  Sharper sharps and more reliable instruments are a benchmark for patient safety. The Cryocycle process used on specialist laproscopic instrumentation has delivered substantial gains in reliability and the service life of such expensive equipment.  Other instrumentation improvements provided under the Cryocycle brand include scissors, forceps and other numerous cutting and clamping instruments which have the same extended benefits as all cutting equipment giving a substantial increase in life, efficiency and cost savings. 

 The Benefits of Medical Instrument Treatment

  • Sharper Sharps: Better Cut, Much Longer Edge & Tip Retention
  • Greater Strength and Flexibility: Less Damage or Breakage
  • Improved Corrosion Resistance: Easier to Clean and Sterilize
  • Increased Life Expectancy: More Uses, Lower Overall Cost
  • New and Used Instruments: Better Asset Management

Implant Treatment 

Certain mechanical implants can be treated with the Cryocycle technology, metal parts such as hips, knees and other high wear implants after treatment demonstrate better wear and durability and have proven to be more reliable, requiring fewer revisions, all of which is in the best interest of patients.

Instrument Applications include:

Biopsy Needles Pediatric, Vascular Laproscopic Instruments Rasps
Biopsy Forceps Electrodes Micro Dissection Rongeurs
Bits Electrosurgical Devices Nail Nippers Trocars
Blades General Instruments Osteotomes Curettes
Burs Joint Implants Microsurgical Instruments Reamers
Color Coding Knives Retractors ENT Devices
Scissors Titanium Instruments Tungsten Carbide Instruments Eye, Neuro