Cryocycle Research Programs

Scientific Research Development

Cryocycle is very excited to announce a partnership in Advanced Material research and development with Deakin University.  The research will allow several dedicated PhD research fellows to assist Post Doctoral researchers in the scientific understanding of molecular transformation and quantifying the proven results of the Cryocycle Thermal Cycling process. 

We also welcome the opportunity to be working in partnership with the Institute for Frontier Materials to develop new alloys, resins and composite  materials for the future.


Quantified Industry Testing 

Cryocycle continually researches the effects of the process in different forms to establish both the best treatment parameters for each individual compound and to establish the different applications and  explore the unbounded possibilities of the process. 

Testing is conducted with Government and Private Research Organisations and includes complete use of Six Sigma and other world recognized testing facilities and protocols.

Cryocycle retains the services of renowned metallurgists and materials scientists as well as those of the Australasian Six Sigma Grand Master to ensure testing and results are conducted in a controlled and verifiable setting and within practical and technical working environments so the results and applications are less theory and more practical. Innovative Lab Testing for Cryocycle

If you have a project or component that you feel would be a valuable test item and may benefit or improve with the benefits of the Cryocycle process please contact us to discuss potential involvement in the Cryocycle  research program.