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Cryogenic Golf Club Treatment

Further and Straighter Just another claim - Or Is It?


The Advantage of Accidental Discoveries

The Cryocycle catchphrase sounds just like so many others regularly touted in golf today.  There is just on difference, using the cryocycle process on your golf clubs will indeed allow you to hit further and straighter.  Just ask the top professional players who use the process exclusively on their clubs.
In Australia names such as Allenby, Badderly, Ogilvy are just a few of the professional players that have all used the patented technology to improve their game and overseas the big names just keep on coming.  In fact our unique thermal process has been used by over 90% of the top 100 players in Australia and the world.
Add their opinions to the scientific research hitting thousands of balls at the most advanced Iron Byron facility in the world, Golf Laboratories in San Diego California, proves that we are able to offer every player the greatest scientific breakthrough in the game of golf.

How is it possible for a ball to go further and straighter?

The scientific explanations are lengthy and complicated, in essence at the precise millisecond the face of the club comes into contact with the ball a tremendous amount of energy is released.  A large percentage of that energy is released into the ball to propel it into flight.  The remaining energy, anything up to 10% of the total is retained within the club head and is released back up the shaft in the form of vibration into your hands.



The patented cryocycle process eliminates most of that vibration, allowing the energy, otherwise lost through the shaft, to be transferred into the ball.  This additional energy produces greater speed away from the club face, in turn that speed transfers into more flight distance tested to between 6% - 8% across the entire club range from driver to wedge.

Not satisfied with distance alone; a ball struck by a cryocycle treated club is now moving faster away from the face of the club, in the case of a strike more toward the toe or heel of the club face (which would normally lead to an off center shot) the lower contact time does not allow the club face to adversely affect the balls flight characteristics as much.  The result is less off center shots, even more importantly those that are off center have a significantly reduced dispersion pattern.  Extensive laboratory testing* shows that after many thousands of strikes the balls travel up to an average of 15% straighter.

* Testing undertaken with an Iron Byron swing robot by Golf Laboratories Inc., San Diego California -The club used was a Callaway Warbird 10 deg driver fitted with a Memphis 10 shaft @ 43.5" and D0 swing weight.


Cryocycle Cryogenic Baseball

Adding Horsepower to the Hands

Hitting a Home Run Just became a lot easierbaseball2

Scientific breakthroughs in the use of ultra cold treatments in the improvement and molecular transformation of metals developed for the space station has been harnessed into the hands of major league baseball in the USA.  That advantage is now available to all baseballers in Australia who use metal baseball bats.
The patented Cryocycle thermal cycling process will virtually eliminate the vibration from the bat, opening the way for a power transfer into the ball not previously believed possible that will allow you to hit further and straighter.

The Cryocycle difference

    More power to the ball - that means greater speed leading to greater distance
    Better feel with reduced vibration - less elbow and wrist soreness with a lower chance of injury
    Stronger metal structures that will last longer and will be less likely to dent or crack
    No need to treat the bat again - once treated the improvement is permanent
    No visible difference - only the remarkable performance increase

Bat_beforeThe energy generated when the bat strikes the ball is greatly dissipated when passing through the untreated bat.  Resulting vibration and energy loss means a lack of discipline and accuracy.

During the Cryocycle thermal cycling process the micro particles begin to particulate into smaller, regular and unified microstructures capturing and harnessing vibration.bat_after

Cryocycle processed bats allow the passage of energy through the bat and into the ball.  By eliminating the vibration from the impact, the strike now results in greater distance and increased accuracy.





Cryocycle Cryogenic Sport Shooting

 ShootingCryocycle tempering is a one-time, computer controlled process where metal is cooled to temperatures approaching -200 C (-300 F)  the metal is then  manipulated at the molecular level while in this super cooled state.  The super cooled component is then specially heat treated to lock in the changes and
maintain the ductility of the material. The metal is tempered over six times during the process which is dry so the metals only come into contact with super cooled air. This exclusive process permanently refines the grain structure of the firearm components producing a remarkably stabilised material.

Like all metals, application of the Cryocycle process to firearms relieves stress, especially in barrels.  These stresses cause a barrel to bend or warp as it heats from repeated firing, this warping causes walking, stringing or wandering of the shot group.  Thermal Cycling and the cryocycle process in particular, relieves these internal stresses in the firearm so effectively that the barrel no longer tends to bend or warp.  In addition, the firearm is easier to clean and gives increased reliability, performance, accuracy and extended barrel life.

Ruger M77 groups at 100metres

         Before Treatment                                                                 After Treatment


ruger_beforeAfter application of the cryocycle thermal cycling  process the grouping pattern is much closer and more accurate.

Before groupings demonstrate a wide and erratic spread of shots from the bench mounted weapon.

The shots after treatment demonstrate the changes in barrel warpage delivering  much more accurate and tightly grouped shots

 Accuracy and Speed

Velocity tests were also conducted to ascertain any increase in speed.  Tests were conducted on the same weapon before and after the application of the patented Cryocycle thermal cycling process.  Results demonstrated an increase in velocity of over 150 fps averaged over three rounds.


Equally the thermal cycling process demonstrates substantial benefits for both rifled and smooth bore weapons. Similar testing was undertaken with shotguns demonstrating the same type of results and benefits of the thermal cycling process.

Shotgun Bench_1