Cryogenic Timber Tooling Treatment

Cryocycle - the production advantage for Timber

Hi-Tech Savings in Time and Money to the Timber Industry

Cryocycle used in Mills for longer tool life and worker safetyThe unique Cryocycle Thermal Cycling tooling treatment offers a significant increase in abrasive wear resistance and durability.  The increases in tensile strength, toughness and stability coupled with the release of internal residual stresses not available in any other conventional treatments.

This one-time, through material treatment improves the entire structure, not just the surface, giving components unsurpassed stability and wear properties. Even better, tooling can be resharpened in the same manner and provide the same increase performance and wear over and over again for the entire life of the component.

Cryocycle improves all types of cutters and toolingThe Cryocycle Thermal Cycling process has demonstrated up to a four fold increase in the usable life of some tooling components and consumables. For cabinet and furniture makers Thermal Cycling allows not just longer life of blades and cutters but importantly a smoother cut due to the retention of sharpness minimising sanding and finishing.

For timber mills, tree loppers and other industrial users the Thermal Cycliing  improvement in chippers, chain saw blades, band and circular saws and profile cutters has achieved a productivity increases and savings of up to four times.

Cryocycle represents a major technological breakthrough for the Timber Industry with benefits including: Less downtime, decreased wear of consumables translating to huge cost saving on tooling purchases delivering higher profits and better performance of components leading to increased production levels. Even more important, Thermal Cycling allows a substantial reduction in handling of sharps leading to risk reduction improving Occupational Health & Safety applications.

Timber Industry Applications include

  • Router Bits & Cutting Blades (Circular & Band)
  • Chipper Blades & Knives,
  • Plane and Shaping Knives
  • Tips & Burrs
  • Chain Saw blades